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About Wealth Warriors

Wealth Warriors is a Veteran Owned and Operated 501(c)(3) Non-profit Corporation that was established to serve and solve a need that is long overdue.

The design of Wealth Warriors is to Educate Business owners, Future Entrepreneurs, Individuals, and today’s Seniors in the Art of how Money works. Those things we need to learn that our parents never taught us and we were never taught in school, from a completely Not-For-Profit, A-Political, and Unbiased point of view. Cutting through the Good, the Bad and the Ugly to bring the core truths into view like never before from both a Macro and Micro financial standpoint.

Board of Directors


Khris Bryan

CEO / Founder

Khris is a 9-year Veteran of the U.S. Navy, a multi-business owner, managing partner of one of the largest Insurance and financial firms in Oklahoma, a financial & estate planner, senior retirement strategist, radio host and public speaker for over 20 years. Khris has become the “go-to” expert for businesses, pre-retirees, retirees, and individuals that are wanting to insure, protect and save for retirement. Along with his business partner, Khris has been featured in the Kiplinger Report as being innovators in the financial industry for their approach as a Multi-Disciplinary Professional Network. He provides ways for his clients to achieve, not only a solid retirement plan, but a lasting legacy for the second and third generations. Using little known financial strategies, Khris helps clients make their money work smarter, faster, and better than most “experts” in the industry.

Khris’s life experiences and education have provided him with the building blocks he uses as the foundation for everything he has accomplished, from U.S. Navy BUD/S training, to running multiple businesses and mentoring those seeking their own path for a successful financial future. Khris’s clients range from multi-millionaires to those that are just starting to plan out their financial futures. No matter their current financial situation, Khris strives to help each client achieve the ultimate goal of becoming their own “Wealth Warrior”.


Phil Pickle

Executive Vice-President

Phil has been in the insurance and financial planning field for over twenty-nine years. Right out of college, he started as a sales agent for a Fortune 500 company. Immediately, he set himself apart and was recognized as agent of the year for his division and was a top producer every year during his tenure with the company. Over the next several years, Phil accumulated multiple production awards, along with numerous training certifications. In 2005, he accepted a management position within the company. As much as he enjoyed training other agents, he missed working with clients in the field, so in 2008, he decided to combine those two passions. Along with his business partner, Phil founded one of the largest insurance and financial firms in Oklahoma. Since that time, he has hosted his own radio show, held countless financial planning seminars for the public, and lead countless trainings for agents interested in reaching his level of success.

Phil’s vast network of industry contacts throughout the nation allows him to offer strategies and products that are unknown to most agents. This “leg up” in the industry is one of the many reasons he continues to receive referrals from his many satisfied clients. Utilizing unique and innovative prospecting events, such as “back-yard concerts”, “coffee and donuts” with business owners, and on-line webinars are some of the many reasons he continues to be a valued mentor to agents, both experienced and those just starting in the industry.