As a Pastor and Leader of your church you take responsibility to shepherd to the best of your ability. However, when it comes to money, this can be a very touchy subject. Pastors can come across needy or even greedy if done incorrectly. Even done the right way from the Pastoral staff, utilizing a teacher other than yourself to speak about the importance of the Tithe and Giving as it relates to their Financial wellbeing, is a wonderful asset to have by your side.

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Wealth Warriors Foundation is designed to teach and educate Church members a deep understanding of how money works on the very basic or advanced level. In order for all of us to fulfill God’s plan in our lives, we must break free from the poverty mentality and step through a new threshold with a fresh understanding of how money works. God does not want us broke. He wants us thriving and making money to help feed the Churches function in spreading the Gospel.

  • How can we give God our best if we are broke?
  • What does the Bible teach us about money?

Let’s train God’s people together and teach them what it means to thrive not just survive!

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