Congratulations! You made it!


Now what?

Retirees are either the most stress-free people out there or the most stressful. We all want to be the former and very rarely are they in the middle. Framing a good retirement is anything but simple. We only know what we know. There are various reasons we are dragged out of retirement to the workforce once again. Most of the time it is because they are hit with a surprise of some kind. Uncover the pitfalls that could be that snake in the grass that could be devastating to a good retirement plan.

Mature woman hugging her husband

Things to think about once you have Retired:

  • How much can I live on?
  • How much will I have to live on?
  • What is my taxation?
  • Will taxes go up?
  • Inflation? Is that a concern?
  • Do I need a Will or is the one I have sufficient?
  • Do I need a Trust or is the one I have sufficient?
  • Can I outlive my money at my current rate of return and withdrawal?

Retirees cannot afford to take unnecessary chances. We do not have the time to make it up.

Make sure you get the cold, hard facts so you do not have surprises.

How can we help?

Wealth Warriors is designed help you stand alone in a very uncertain world. To offer education from a practical, common sense unbiased point of view.